Mission at Cross Roads Presbyterian Church

The Church and Community Involvement Ministry Team (CCI) was formed to promote the full mission of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and in particular Cross Roads Church through local, national and worldwide involvement. In addition, to act as liaison between the Session and the Board of Deacons on mission projects.

This year through the church Budget, mission contributions from members and through various Fund Raisers designated for Mission, money was raised and distributed to over 25 local and International groups and to Pittsburgh Presbytery, through which the mission  activities of Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly are accomplished.

Some Missions & Events Supported by Cross Roads Presbyterian Church:

Special Offerings as Special Needs Have Occurred:
 · Tsunami Relief
 · Katrina Relief
 · Assistance for Monroeville residents who lost all of their belongings in anaparment fire.
 · Fund Raisers for Local Mission and ProjectA Baby Shower is held annually for the benefit of East Liberty Family Health Care Center. Over 50 beautiful quilts and knitted items are made by Cross roads Presbyterian Women's Association. Members generously contribute gifts of clothing, toys, gift vouchers and money

Pittsburgh Darfur Coalition Sponsorship for the May 18, 2008 Destroyed Villages Demonstration. Each person carried a sign representing a village as the procession proceeded from Freedom Corner near Mellon Arena to Market Square to hear speakers from the Darfur Region of Sudan.

Malawi Partnership was refreshed in 2008 as Cross Roads hosted Annie Chufundo Kangoga from Blantyre, Malawi. She presented the congregation with a special cloth from the Women's Guild (MVANO) of the Blantyre Synod. It is currently hanging in the hallway by the Parlor.

Denver of Port Elizabeth Africa is a new mission recipient. He is eight year old, orphaned, HIV positive and paralyzed from waist down. The $400 provided annually pays for school fees, uniform, supplies, pull-ups, and transportation by van for students in wheelchairs.

Gift of the Fourth Wiseman is an Event held for many years where Christmas presents are collected for children at the East End Co-operative ministries.

Cookie Walk Fund Raisers are held each year to expand on the money available for various Mission Projects

Goals for CCI:

Increase mission awareness in the congregation and encourage hands on participation in mission activities.

Continue to promote and support current missions, partnerships with Malawi and the Bethesda Presbyterian Church as well as investigate additional areas in need of assistance.