Worship Opportunites
Summer Sermon Series: Broken – Good News for Tough Times
For the next six weeks, July 16 through August 20, 2017, we will examine a sermon series titled “Broken – Good News for Tough Times.” Paul’s letter to the Romans is addressed to people he had never met, in the hopes of encouraging them and building up this community to which he dreamed of traveling. He knew the Christian life was a perilous one, and the world in which the church was growing and spreading was unpredictable and increasingly diverse. In this series, covering some of the letters most intriguing and inspiring passages, we learn how God sustains us in the midst of brokenness. God can sustain us from both within and without, helping us find wholeness and unity, no matter what crisis we are facing.

July 30 - Summer Sermon Series: Week 3 - “Inseparable”
Our texts this week are Romans 8:26-39 and Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52. Nothing separates us from God; this is Paul’s testimony. Since God is on our side, who can be against us? These words of assurance are powerful words to God’s people. Any distance or disconnect we feel from God is in our head, clouded by doubt or obscured by fear. In difficult times, we need to be reminded that we are incapable of frustrating God’s love and care. God is closer to us than we can fathom.

August 6 - Summer Sermon Series: Week 4 - “All-Inclusive Grace”
Today’s scripture readings are Romans 9:1-5 and Matthew 14:13-21. Paul has assured the Christians in Rome that there is nothing in all of creation that can separate us from God’s love. This is the meaning of grace. Grace with the power to transform individual lives and communities, to repair what is broken within us and between us. God has taken on flesh to make it so! We will celebrate Communion together.

August 13 - Church Picnic -Summer Sermon Series: Week 5- “The End of the Law”
We will continue our series in the park at our annual outdoor worship service. Today’s message is based on Romans 10:5-15 and Matthew 14:22-33. From the very beginning, or near to it, our sin has kept us from full unity with God. God, of course, remains faithful. God’s people are always determined to go their own way. The law was given to Moses to help the people rectify this broken relationship with God. Instead, the law led people to “seek to establish their own righteousness” rather than God’s. The good news from Paul is that what the law could not do, the incarnation could! Jesus restores what was broken, fulfilling God’s promise of salvation, fulfilling the law. Worship will be at our usual 10:00 a.m.time, at Monroeville Community Park, Pavilion 2, followed by our church picnic.

August 20 - Summer Sermon Series: Week 6 - “God is in Control”
We will return to our Sanctuary to conclude our summer series with a look at Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32 and Matthew 15:(10-20), 21-28. God is on a mission. God has a plan. We may screw it up, but God works through it all. It can be difficult to talk about “God’s plan” or “God being in control” because we still see so much brokenness in our world. In spite of all that remains broken, we can trust that God is still on a mission, working all things for good. For healing. For restoration. And this is grace! We are invited to participate in God’s mission of restoration, working with God to heal the broken places.

August 27 - “We Are The Foundation”
This morning’s message will be based on Romans 12:1-8 and Matthew 16:13-20. Jesus Christ reigns. But he chooses not to reign alone. He enacts his realm by calling forth ordinary people to be his church, his presence in the world. We say, “we believe,” and quite quickly he moves us from affirmation of faith into enactment of faith. Jesus reaches out to the world, works in the world, and establishes his church by working through us.