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Epiphany Sermon Series: Jesus, Man of Mystery

As Jesus’ public ministry begins, he remains a somewhat mysterious figure. Like a good spy, magician, or stealthy detective, Jesus plays things close to the vest and reveals things only when he is ready. Through this series, we see Jesus begin to reveal himself more and more, while at the same time insisting on keeping his identity a secret. As we explore Jesus’ mysterious identity, we may discover more about ourselves and a purpose that causes us to live with a sense of urgency.
together. Our children will host a special baptism themed fellowship hour.

January 28 – Our sermon this morning will be “Extra, Extra, Read All About It!” based on 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 and Mark 1:21-28. Jesus is God with us, particularly God with us in our pain and misery. Rather than avoid pain, bypass the evils of this world, or flee the demonic, Jesus enters into that suffering, rebukes the evil, and thereby reveals to us the loving, compassionate God who stands with us in our need.